Coolent Antacid

  • Provides fast and immediate relief from heartburn.
  • Neutralizes excess acidity in the stomach.
  • Soothes reflux esophagitis and indigestion.
  • Reduces pressure and bloating in the stomach.
  • Reduces flatulence and belching.
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    Product Details:
    • Nutrix Health Care's Coolent Antacid provides immediate relief from heartburn and indigestion. 
    • It contains Calcium Carbonate to reduce excess acid in the stomach after meals. Calcium also helps to treat indigestion and stomach discomfort.  
    • This amazing formula also contains peppermint oil to help relieve stomach cramps, flatulence and bloating.   
    • It has Anise oil to alleviate gas and upset stomach.
    • Similarly, lemon oil aids in digestion and may treat constipation as well. 

    Supplement Facts: Per Serving

    Ingredients UNIT
    Calcium Carbonate 350 mg
    Peppermint Oil 10 mg
    Anise Oil 4 mg
    Lemon Oil 4 mg